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Our values

quality awareness
Focus on good customer relationships
Innovative solutions through experience and competence
Appreciation of the diversity of all employees
Respect for future generations
Responsible and resource-saving action
Julius Kirschner und Sohn Unternehmensphilosophie



Our employees should be happy to come to work, enjoy their work and be passionate about their work and their company.


Gebrüder Hartkopf should be as good as the ideas of all the employees. This requires a constructive corporate culture in which you want to get involved.

Good Pay

We want to pay our employees appropriately, in line with their performance and, if possible, well. If the company is doing well, then the top performers and managers at Gebrüder Hartkopf should be doing well too.

more Values

Avoiding minimum wage

The people who work here should be able to concentrate on their work and not have to worry about financial matters. We want to multi-qualify so that we can pay (significantly) above the minimum wage if possible.

Perfect position

We want to use every single employee where they have the most talent and joy and where they bring the greatest benefit to the company.

corporate culture

An appreciative, social, human and performance-oriented corporate culture of challenging and encouraging is the cultural basis at Gebrüder Hartkopf. 80% of our success depends on how we treat people.


We want to train our employees to become highly qualified specialists, thereby giving them variety in their activities and deploying them flexibly. The important thing is that quality comes first, then performance and not the other way around. And the qualification is an important basis for good quality.


Many good individual players do not automatically make a good team. Good and constructive cooperation with a focus on the interests of the company is crucial.


The basis for successful recruiting is a high level of employee satisfaction among the core workforce. As a growing company, we are constantly looking for good employees whom we would like to offer an attractive job.


The health of our employees – as well as occupational safety – has top priority. We want to avoid any kind of health impairment in the workplace.

Occupational safety

Occupational safety in the company and the protection of our employees come before striving for performance, quality, turnover and profit.


The basis for a good strategic orientation of the company is to understand ourselves, our customers, suppliers and the market, to know who we are, what our core competence is and with which products we make money.

Our Team

Bruno Baiao

Bruno Baiao
Human resources and finance
0212 / 24222 –

Thomas Buschtöns
Thomas Buschtöns
0212 / 24222 –
Other Team Member
Bruno Baiao
Bernd Hulverscheidt
Head of Finance & Human Resources
0212 / 24222 –
Bruno Baiao
Martina Jansen-Grobosch
Purchasing & Sales
0212 / 24222 –
Thilo Möller
Thilo Möller
Managing directors
0212 / 24222 –
Detlef Rübsam
Christian Nagel
Head of Construction & Development
0212 / 24222 –
Ralf Ohliger
Ralf Ohliger
Head of Toolmaking
0212 / 24222 –
Frank Raubold
Frank Raubold
Head of Maintenance and BR Chairman
0212 / 24222 –
Frank Raubold
Denise Reske
Purchasing & Sales
0212 / 24222 –
Frank Raubold
Christina Rudnick
Financial and payroll accounting
0212 / 24222 –
Frank Raubold
Artur Serkowski
Head of the forge and tool shop
0212 / 24222 –
Detlef Rübsam
Sabine Stamm
Head of Purchasing & Sales
0212 / 24222 –
Firmengeschichte Julius Kirschner und Sohn

Our company history

  • 1872

    Founded by the brothers Carl and August Hartkopf

  • 1888

    Relocation to the current location in Bismarckstraße and continuous expansion of production.

  • 1890

    Development of our own production machinery.

  • 1970

    Change and restructuring of production facilities from cutlery to hand tools.

  • 1990

    Technological change in tool making.
    With CAD/CAM and HSC milling, toolmaking is modernized.

  • 1998

    Expansion of the range of services through the purchase of Messerschmiede Julius Kirschner & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG.

  • 2005

    Since 2005, HSH Schmiedeholding GmbH & Co. KG, the parent company of Gebr. Hartkopf GmbH & Co. KG and Julius Kirschner GmbH & Co. KG.

  • 2005

    Expansion of the range of services through the founding of Hartkopf Gesenkschmiede GmbH & Co. KG with the product range of hair scissors, cuticle and nail nippers and medical instruments.

  • 2013

    Integration and merger of Hartkopf Gesenkschmiede GmbH & Co. KG into the Bismarckstraße production site in Solingen.

  • 2021

    Change in recent years through acquisition of several major customers from a wide range of sectors outside the hand tool industry.

  • 2022

    150th anniversary of Gebr. Hartkopf and handover of management from Mr. Grobosch to Mr. Möller.

Certificate of quality



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